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UNION NATIONAL BANK opened its door for business at 9:00 a.m., May 4, 1904 at its present location. We are now the oldest bank in the Elgin area, as all predecessors have been sold and converted to branches. Alexander Metzel, the founder of the Bank, had his signature on the "bank notes" or earliest dollar bills, issued by the Bank. The Bank prospered in a brick Victorian building with a corner entrance, and the building's likeness can be seen today in the mural located in the Bank's lobby.
In 1948 the Bank obtained the right to offer trust services, and the name became Union National Bank and Trust Company of Elgin. One of our most famous loan programs was in 1952, when President Robert Kewley offered 1% interest loans to businesses in downtown Elgin that would use the funds to enhance the appearance of their facilities. Among other innovations was one of the area's first drive up windows. It was known as the "Pop Up" and required the teller to work in a small hut that remained under the sidewalk, to be summoned via hydraulic lift to street level where the banking customer awaited.
In 1960 the Bank demolished its existing building and built the present main office on the same site. The interior of the building was extensively remodeled in 1982 and has had modifications as required.

Subsequent to Mr. Metzel's group, the Bank only had two ownership groups until late 1992. That is when longtime Bank director and Elgin industrialist, John S. Sapiente, acquired a controlling interest in Elgin Bancshares, Inc., the one bank holding company whose sole asset is approximately 99% ownership in the Bank.
An American success story, Mr. Sapiente started Elgin Die Mold Company in the mid 1970's with a small business loan from the Bank. His business methods propelled Elgin Die Mold to unprecedented prosperity, which provided him the resources to purchase a controlling interest in the Bank, returning it to local ownership in a community where few local banks still remain.

The Bank is a member of the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation, a Certified Lender with the United States Small Business Administration, and an Equal Opportunity and Equal Housing Lender. Our primary regulator is the OCC, or Office of the Comptroller of the Currency, the administrator of national banks.